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Quick Overview

  • Strong Friction Grip Technology
  • Sleek Satin Anodized Finish
  • Available in Many Useful Sizes
  • Stronger Hold than Any Tack
  • Consistent Strong Grasp for Life

Never bother with Pointy Tacks or Weak Tape again! With the all new WiseRail Tackless DisplayRail System nothing else, beyond Friction and Gravity Is needed. The Non -Slip Polymer Grip Shaft within the Hord Aluminum Fabrication is All that is needed to hold any papers firmly in place. Easy to Exhibit and Easy to Remove. You will Never want to go back to Cork again. Available in many sizes, Confect Us direct.


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The WiseRail Display Rail is the latest alternative developement, to the traditional tack strips and cork boards. It requires NO adhesives (chemical or mechanical) to hold your papers tight, therefore it does NO damage to the papers it securly presents. Hang and remove your items as often as you like without worrying about harm or blemishing them. They are available in standard sizes with customizaton available. Wise Rails are a very efficient and attractive looking alternative to the conventional and customary


  • 1 1/4" H X 1/2" D X 12" L +
  • 4.6 oz plf in Weight
  • High-Grode Anodized Aluminum
  • HDPE Plastic Friction-Hold Chute
  • Full-Length Mounting to Display
  • Load BearingCapacity multiple pounds

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