Directory Letter Kits

King, Large, Mini Box Sizes

1/4"-3" - 100,200,300,500 cnt

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Our Letter Kits, have a wide selection of letter styles and sizes to use for your message or directory boards/cases. They’re offered in black or white for the maximum contrast to your color choice. In addition, 3 fonts and 8 sizes from 3/8” to 3” provide a large pool of options. The optional compartment box (3 Box sizes & 4 Kit sizes) they'd arrive in is the optimal storage container to keep your letters separate and organized.


  • K 18”x24”x3” with 3 1/2” Comp
  • L 13”x20”x2” with 2 1/2” Comp
  • M 10”x14”x2” with 1 3/4” Comp
  • K- (39.1oz) L- (31oz) M- (24.7oz)
  • Acrylic Plastic Letters
  • Wrapped Thick Gauge Card Stock
  • Cardboard Grid Seperator


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