Hook & Clip Combo -10 Pack

Anodized Aluminum & Steel Clip

1-1 1/4” Clip Length – 1/2” Hook Depth

Hook & Clip Combo -10 Pack

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Quick Overview

  • Precise, Tight Fit to Display Rails
  • Includes Steel Friction Slide-Clip
  • Extra Powerful Hook arm
  • Impressive Weight Capacity
  • Hang Both 2D and 3D Materials
  • Perfect Extension for Visual Aids
  • Available for 1” or 2” Display Rails

Hook & Clip Combo attachments are the most indispensable display rail accessory you can buy. They're perfect for displaying any relevant information or visual aids you might need. The solid aluminum hook can support items firm and indefinitely, and the inclusion of a friction-fit clip in front, allows for paper and other 2D items to be hung securely as well. These light-weight pieces are the best supplement to our display units. Avail. for both 1" and 2" rails.


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Don’t skip this indispensable display rail accessory, it’s the perfect combination. It's in part, an almost indestructible aluminum hook, wide enough to accept almost any item. And in front, is a friction-fit slide clip, strong enough to clasp almost any 2D information or visual aid that may further your ideas. These strong but very light-weight pieces are the perfect informational compliment to the display rails attached your boards. Available for both 1” and 2” rails.


  • Anodized Aluminum & Steel Clip
  • Fit to 1” Rails - .2oz (1”)
  • Fit to 2” Rails - .3oz (2”)
  • 1-1/4” Exposed Clip Space
  • 1” Total Depth – ½” Hook Depth
  • 1” – 2”H x ¼”W

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