EZ-Hang Bracket System

30-Pack, Beveled Aluminum Extrusion Pieces

Pre-Bored Holes - 1 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8" - Spc.@ 16"

EZ-Hang Bracket System

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Quick Overview

  • Extremely Easy Patented System
  • Installed without Complications
  • Adaptable to Any Size or Shape
  • Very Light Weight but Durable
  • Superb for Older/Uneven Surfaces
  • Only One Needed for Every 16”
  • Minimal Damage to your Walls

This adaptable, sturdy and most of all, EASY Display Board Installation System may be the best of options for your display unit. It’s the perfect choice for older or uneven walls, and makes your board as easy to remove as it is to hang. Moreover, because of the non-continuous nature of this system (spaced approximately ever 16”,) it can efficiently adapt to any length or shape that you may require.




Our specialized EZ Hang System is exactly how it sounds – Easy! These small but hefty anodized aluminum pieces can conform to boards of almost any height or length that you may need. They come with pre-drilled holes and are ready to install. We recommend that they are spaced at a maximum of 16” apart which enables them to conform to the shape, bow or wave of almost any older wall. These clips provide a confident and secure hold for the entire length of the board. - Easy on, Easy off.


  • Machine Stamped Aluminum
  • 1-3/4”H x ¾” W
  • 1/8” Depth from Wall to Board
  • Pre-Drilled ¼” Holes
  • Recommended Spacing – Every 16” Apart
  • Steel Fasteners Included
  • .15oz per Unit

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